Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2. Motivation to Action...An Action Plan.

1: to give (someone) a reason for doing something,  2: to be a reason for (something)

1: something that a person or group does,  2: things done to achieve a particular purpose

After hearing a New Years sermon by the anointed Bishop Dale C. Bronner entitled, "No More Excuses!" I became re-energized to address the important things that I had started and didn't finish.  Sooo many of my gifts, ideas, and visions unrealized- just shelved. No More Excuses is right!  And with this New Year I feel refreshed and inspired to get busy working on practicing what I preach.

Recently, I was reminiscing over old photos and came across reminders of a few really great business ideas that I started and never saw through fruition.  They were really good ideas and were outward expressions of the creative gift entrusted in my care.  Some of the gifts are familial.  Many of my friends and family members know that my grandmother Elizabeth (aka Grammy) was a master seamstress.  She was extremely skilled and accomplished and self-taught. Our basement was her workroom and studio.  Many beautiful gowns, draperies, suits, dresses, and blouses made their way out of that studio.  It was hard not to be affected by her genius and abilities.  I was greatly impacted by the many beautiful garments and the ease by which she manipulated, cut, molded and stitched her fabrics.  I would sit and watch her for hours after school.  She would time and time again allow me to learn, step by step, the special nuances that must be adhered to in order to create perfection.  I unfortunately was not keen on using all of her steps. For no other reason than my simple, clear and unadulterated laziness.  I was too lazy to take the time to do what was necessary.  I wanted the quick way. I would learn later that there is no quick way to doing things right.

Armed and suited up with my grandmothers talents I decided to embark on a career in fashion.  My first enterprise was at around the age of 12.  I wanted to make money.  I saw that my grandmother had hoards of people coming to the basement to pay her and pay her well to make clothes for them.  "I could do that too", I thought.   Around the corner from our house was a new store that featured accessories for the home.  They had beautiful lamps, drapes, floral arrangement and pillows.  Light bulb moment!  Pillows!  I would go to the store owner and show them that I could sell them beautiful pillows that they couldn't get anywhere else.  I went to my grandmother and told her about my idea.  She was always willing to help, but in reality was well aware that it was going to be an uphill battle to defeat my laziness. But in true grandmother form she agreed and would fight many a battle with me to want to do it the quick way.  She helped me unselfishly giving of her time and finance for my fabric and notion purchases.  During the search for all of the right elements necessary towards greatness in business I found a pattern and fabrics that met my fancy.  I made the most awesome pillows!  They were made of lush velveteen in dark rich colors.  I had two designs.  A small bolster with a tiny ruffle around the ends and the other was round with a very unique pinched pleat design in its inner circumference.  I went to the store owner with my proudest treasures.  I was a pillow designer.  You couldn't tell me otherwise.  As fate would have it the store owner loved the pillows and ordered a dozen more to be delivered in 2 weeks.  I was elated!  I went back home to tell my mother and grandmother the good news.  They were both excited but very quick to snap into business mode.  They began rattling of dates and times that we could shop for fabric. They were not up for any slacking off of my school work, so time had to be allocated for study and homework.  My mother made it perfectly clear that this was my project and not my grandmothers, and the instructions went on and on.  I wasn't ready!  I was overwhelmed and not prepared for the actions that had to take place to run this very small operation.  I caved in the next two days.  Again, in true grandmother fashion, she bailed me out.  She finished the 12 pillows.  She did share the money with me but was not willing to bail me out for another set of pillows.  Needless to say the pillow operation was a bust.

There were many other ventures that started out with a bang and fizzled because I was unwilling to do something different to get different results.  There was the lingerie line.  I found another willing partner since my grandmother found me out.  A friend who had sewing talents too.  The designs were great but we had no idea about the business side of things and had not done the necessary background leg work and planning to learn from others.  Needless to say that went under very quickly too.  There were countless other fantastic, innovative, out the box ideas that fizzled simply because I was unwilling to take and be dedicated to take appropriate action.  My grandmother taught me that what you put in to things you get out.  Put in a quick unthoughtful, half prepared effort you get the same quality and results on the other end.  What do they say, garbage in garbage out.

All of this seeking and searching was not in vein though.  In all of these ventures I know that ultimately my works have been inching me towards discovering my true purpose.  My God purpose.  The reason that I am here.  These attempts to find new skills and talent in me is in and of itself, Action!  Each time I challenge myself to embark on new and unchartered discoveries I learn a little more about what it is that I am cut out to do and what I am not cut out to do.  I am getting closer and ultimately tweaking and fine tuning my gifts.  I am motivated to get it right. This motivation leads me to pray every morning for everyone, including you and me, to find our purpose.  Prayer works!  I commit to take action and to getting up early to pray and thank God for all that he has done and for all that he has already divinely planned to do!  I will actively use and challenge the gifts and abilities that are uniquely mine.  I will also affirm in others the talents, skills and abilities that are uniquely theirs. 

I am motivated to deliver and exam my thoughts as he so divinely offers them to me.  I will write down and share with others those thoughts for the restoration and renewal of the power that is within us all.

What are you motivated to do?  What actions are you committed to so that all of your gifts and the gifts of others can be manifested fully?  Write your divine action plan down and move on it.  He desires you to take your rightful place.

Choose two words or phrases that are strong on your heart.  One is your long term God-given Action Plan and the other is your short term God-given Action Plan.  Write them down and place them inside of a triangle that symbolizes-God (The Holy Trinity).  Work and watch God move as you move!

Light Tomorrow With Today! Love Gee

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


1: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

I recently thought about what makes for a miracle.  Is it an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to supernatural causes?  I found an old diary dated May 3, 1997.  In it, I wrote of the power of putting your thoughts on paper.  It brought me back to a person who remains strong on my spirit named Aida Robinson.  Aida believed in the power of visualization.  She once told me that if you want something that is connected to your divine purpose - to write it down, look at it and keep it in close sight.  Right at the time she shared her belief in focus, works (putting action to those things) and visualization, I had just confirmed my own personal belief in God and was actively seeking his word for my own understanding.  I wrote down my word and taped it onto my work phone.  I encased the word inside a triangle and looked at it daily.  Over time, the word came to life. The visualization of that word became reality.

The diary, after finding it, confirmed for me that words and vision, coupled with action make for progress, happiness and fulfillment.  In that journal I began my entries with the quote, "Light tomorrow with today!" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning's words were like a sign that what I focus on and illuminate today has supernatural powers for the future.  And so, I offer each of us eternal light that should spark and illuminate our God purpose into your tomorrows by ending all of my blog posts with that quote.
I'm not sure that I would classify the events that were attached to the journal as a miracle.  But I know that I want to experience life as if miracles happen daily!  How can we allow miracles to be seen when we don't allow ourselves to find the quiet and joy in the simple joys and treasures in life?  Miracles are quite simply right in our faces.  We miss them because we allow distractions, the outside noise, problems and challenges of life to take over and as a result we loose sight of our miracles.  How do we find ultimate peace and not doubt Gods love in order to stay connected to the miracles?  Every morning I pray and meditate, to help me see what HE would have me to focus on so that I can experience my miracle.  Have you ever thought about the marvel and the miracle in us?  I recently experienced an exhibit here in Atlanta called, Bodies the Exhibition.  A fascinating experience of the wonder and sheer awesomeness that is the Body.  The body is Gods special, unique, purpose filled creation and expression of love that is you and me.  After seeing the exhibit I had a real God experience that was unlike no other.  The curators of Bodies provide us with a glimpse of the unspeakable phenomenal mystical creation of life!  If you get a chance and it comes to your town or if you are in Atlanta, please make it your business to experience Bodies, The Exhibition.  It will change your life and show you the miracle that is each one of us.
What are you willing to do so that you can experience your miracles?  It requires you to be mindful.  Mindful of the beauty and majesty found every day in simple things.  Slow down and enjoy each and every moment of life.  I went walking in the evening and smiled at the beauty found in the stars twinkling in the sky.  I found such happiness in the skyline, the people who passed by, the trees, my home, my family, my friends, the sounds of music and me.  Yes, Me!  I appreciate and love all that is me.  I am a unique and special gift and so are you!  Keep the focus on you at one special time in the day.  God revels in our appreciation and care of ourselves.  When we focus on ourselves we become connected to the miracle, the marvel and outstanding accomplishment that is each and every one of us.  Believe it!
Light Tomorrow With Today! Love Gee


Examining words that inspire actions that propels you and me to come alive and fulfill our Godgiven purpose!